Saturday, February 28, 2015

In like a lion. . .

Okay, so I think I use that line every year - but I HOPE this year, more than ever, its true!  We have inflected notes of Spring in this month's Crafted Kit, Magpie Box and Flea Market offerings anyway - just in case old man winter thinks he wants to hang on a bit longer.

This month's Magpie Box is full of spring greens (and a bit of good luck).  The Cloverline old stock, never used pill tins are a favorite. . .

Betsy designed this month's Crafted Kit - a burlap table runner where you will use a custom designed stencil and pom pom maker to make it your own. . .

And lots of great items hitting the Flea Market also (tonight at midnight central time!) including . . .

A vintage shoe sizer (or should we say photo frame). . .

Stove bolt bins. . .

 Teeny tiny purple trucks. . .

An amazing 1950's HUGE Montgomery Ward catalog (and we just happen to have 2 of the same). . .

Blue embroidered bird and floral quilt blocks. . .

Vintage salesman sample trim cards. . .

and lots more.  Happy March!

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Monday, February 23, 2015

The Things I Keep Monday. . .

It started with one bottle.  Much like any collection, right?  My MIL found this very large Listerine bottle that was once an old store display and carried it home on a train for me no less.  After setting it here on my milliners table, it seemed so very lonely and the hunt started.  Although I'm not 100% sure, I think I have finally acquired at least 1 of every size Listerine bottle there was, and now I have a happy little family.

Happy Monday!

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Friday, February 20, 2015

Art Journaling in Vintage Ledgers

Have you tried art journaling in a vintage ledger yet?  They are really awesome!  They have a lovely aged look about them and often have gorgeous bonus handwriting.  It's like each page has been started for you.

This is is a page that I just finished with vintage photos and ephemera, paint and ink, and little peek of a #LUCKY diecut piece that will be in the March Magpie Box.

Vintage ledgers are perfect for all sorts of art journaling.  In the page above I dabbled in collage while this older one focuses more on sketching.

They even hold up to painting quite well.  This page is heavy on the gesso and acrylics.  I just always skip a page between projects and then sew the edges of the pages together when I'm done.  This makes for a thinker more durable work surface.

The covers have their own vintage charm and can be decorated as well.

If you're interested in giving vintage ledgers a try, there are links below to a few that are currently available in our flea market.


Doris Sander :)

Antique Prairie Farmer Poultry Record Book
Vintage Hardback Cash Book (Sold Out)
Antique Blue Velvet Autograph Book (Sold Out)
Antique Harback IOOF Roll Books
Antique Missionary Auxiliary Ledger (Sold Out)
Early 1900's Advertising Notebooks
Vintage Hardback 1916 Manuals
Vintage Rolodex File Jr.
 (Sold Out)
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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Insta-Frames . . .

I must confess.  I ordered the photos I used below straight from my phone using my Postal Pix app in early December as I intended to give these easy "Insta-Frame" magnets as Christmas gifts to family.  It didn't happen . . . but there's always next year!  And if you want a head start on a great gift idea for next year too (or just need to decorate your fridge), here's how I did it:

These wood veneer frames are available here in the General Store.  They come in a set of 4, each slightly different.  When I designed them originally it was specifically for Instagram pics (2" square photos), but you can trim larger photos down of course.  It's as simple as adding your photo and then adding magnet circles (or cut lengths of magnet tape) to the backs.  I think it would be great to stack them up and tie with twine for gifting.  Think out of the box for displaying too - no need to keep to the fridge.  I added my set to an old metal paper drawer in my studio.  Quick and easy - just how I like it these days!

Happy Wednesday!  Jenni 
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Monday, February 16, 2015

The Things I Keep Monday. . .

On this grey and icy day here in Nashville, my thoughts are leaning towards Spring.  And in that spirit, today I'm sharing with you a part of my cigarette card collection.  There were many, many themes of cigarette trading cards varying from manly interests to more feminine interests (and everything in between).  For years I have collected them - and shared them in kits and in the Flea Market at Mercantile.  But I keep many - in particular right now anything that has to do with nature.  Shown here are mixed pieces on tree themes and garden themes. They seem to be consistently making their way into my tiny collages as of late - and I don't see tiring of them any time soon!

Happy Monday!
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